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Michael's Priorities


  • Fight for higher teacher pay to ensure our schools attract and retain the best educators

  • Increase and enhance security measures to keep our schools safe

  • Oppose school vouchers and any measures that take needed funds away from our public schools

  • Keep local control where parents and educators set the policy

  • Dedicate resources and support programs that help troubled youth including those with mental health issues


  • Oppose fracking and any measure that jeopardizes our water supply

  • Work to protect our open space, parks and nature preserves

  • Preserve the Everglades and oppose drilling in it

  • Curb carbon emissions to help fight climate change and sea rise

  • Protect our animals and wildlife

  • Keep pollutants out of our waterways


  • Ban assault and semi-assault weapons

  • Repeal the prohibition on local government’s ability to set its own gun safety laws

  • Fight the NRA’s attempts to overturn the recent ban on bump stocks

  • Increase funding for mental health and crime prevention programs

  • Support measures to increase funding to keep our schools safe

  • Require universal background checks for gun purchases and ammunition


  • Ensure that all Floridians have health insurance as a right

  • Push the state and federal government to dedicate more resources to combat diseases

  • Fully fund programs like Healthy Kids that help children with healthcare needs

  • Provide more programs to help address mental health issues and combat the state’s opioid crisis

Civil Rights/Women's Rights

  • Equal pay for equal work

  • Protect a woman's right to choose

  • Support LGBT rights

  • Oppose discrimination of any kind and strengthen civil rights laws

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